Get the Mucus Out

Immuni-Tea (Immune Boosting Tea

Got Mucus? Truth is, a lot of people are walking around with mucus in either their upper respiratory (head, nasal passages, throat), lower respiratory (chest, bronchi, and lungs), or both upper and lower respiratory. Either way, while some mucus is ok, excessive mucus can lead to problems.

I have learned that sometimes I have mucus and don't even know it. Because it is in small amounts, I am unaware of it or forget about it because it is not making me uncomfortable. But when I start to notice, it is at the point where I am uncomfortable. 

  • slight headache
  • postnasal drip
  • sniffles

Once I become aware of the mucus, I check the mucus to see how thick it is and to make sure that it is clear, then I change my habits:

  • sip the right tea to thin and dry mucus, boost my immune system, and open up my nasal passages so that the mucus can leave my body
    • Allergy Ally
    • Immuni-tea
    • Apple Cider Tonic
    • Green Jasmine (really any green or white tea is good for boosting antioxidants) but this is one of my favorites
  • eliminate the dairy (this makes my body make more mucus)
  • gargle with my herbal infusion of (garlic, turmeric, acv, and ginger) before going to bed
  • water throughout the day, especially when waking and before going to bed
  • clear my nasal cavity constantly - keep the mucus out
  • add lemon or lime to my water and my tea

I know this means that the mucus is attempting to drain from my head trying to get to make its way down to my lungs. This is the point where if we ignore the signs things can get worse: the mucus could thicken and change colors, which could indicate infection. My goal is to keep the mucus clear and not white, yellow, green, or brown. 

If the mucus makes it way to the lower respiratory, the fight is on! 

  • our immune systems are compromised - its weakened
  • breathing is more difficult
  • we start coughing
  • sore throat 
  • and worse yet, the mucus could be in the upper and lower respiratory. OMG!

Things to help us understand the urgency to take action:

  • our bodies have natural reactions to get mucus out, but if we don't help it could take much longer and get a chance to get worse
  • we have pay attention to the signs and not allow the mucus to persist
  • Teas to drink when the mucus makes it to our lower respiratory
    • TLC (Throat and Lung Care)
    • Immuni-Tea
    • Allergy Ally - with the green tea in it
    • any green tea: Roobi Who, Citrus Green, Green Jasmine, Allergy Ally
    • Pure Peace 
    • Apple Cider Tonic

Many have asked which teas can the children sip for their mucus. Depending on their age, younger children can sip all of the teas: I would be cautious about the caffeinated teas. Allergy Ally contains green tea. We have an alternate without the green tea, Allergy Ally 2.0. They can even have the tonic, but I water it down a bit and add it to their juice: but you have to decide for your child what is best. Pre-teens and teens can sip all of the teas. The green teas are included in this list because of the benefit of cleansing the body and stimulating the lungs.

Spring is on its way, and that means that more allergens are in the air. Get started now keeping your body mucus free.

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