Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping FAQ's

I placed an online order. Where's my confirmation email?

Please do not worry! If you do not see a confirmation email in your primary inbox, check your spam folder sometimes our emails like to play hide and seek. If you still did not find your confirmation email, please send us an email ( with your name, order number, and message. 

I am excited to receive my order. How long does it take to process orders?

Our online orders are processed in 4-5 business days. Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email with tracking information. For most orders we ship USPS Priority Mail which takes about 1-3 business days or ship USPS Ground which takes about 2-8 business days. However, there may be times when USPS experience delays, which we have absolutely no control over at that point it is just a waiting game.

I am located in the Atlanta area, can I order online and pick up at the store?

Yes, you can select “pick up” at the time of checkout. Select our East Lake location and we will send a notification when your order is ready. Pick up orders are typically ready within 24 hours.

My tracking number said my tea should have arrived, but I have not received it yet. What should I do?

Check your emails and find your USPS tracking number. If it says your package has been delivered, but it hasn't arrived, double check the address entered at the time of the order to be sure there are no errors there. If still no package, reach out to us at with your name, tracking number, and order number.

Tea Storage FAQ's

How should I store my tea? 

    To keep your tea as fresh and flavorful as possible, store your tea in a sealed package or container and in a location that minimizes exposure to moisture, heat, light and strong aromas--such as coffee. 

      How long is the shelf life for tea? 

      When stored properly your tea should stay potent and fresh for about two years when stored properly. Although we recommend consuming well before that point. 

        What do I need to make a good (jayida) cup of tea?

          To make a cup of loose-leaf tea you will need the following
          1) Loose Leaf Tea
          2) Hot Water
          3) A way to infuse and or strain tea leaves (i.e., Infuser, Simple Steep Teapot, Tea Press, Teapot for One)

          Tip: Create a Tea Center that is stocked with the tools and teas that is needed to make your tea easily, comfortably, and tasty. Click here to read our blog.

          What are your best selling or most popular tea blends?

          We love all our teas, so it is hard to pick favorites! Our best sellers or most popular flavors depend on the season but from the teas we offer year-round our communi-tea loves to sip the following: 
              Immuni-tea and or Allergy Ally
              Hakuna Matata (be mindful if you take any blood pressure medicine. Consult with your doctor)
              Razzle Dazzle (Earl Grey)
              Rooibos Vanilla Chai 
              Java Che 

                Can I recycle my bag of tea when it is empty?

                Currently our bags are kraft stand up pouches, which creates and reduces our carbon footprint just a little bit because of the laminated layers, they are not recyclable by most facilities. We do recommend repurposing the bags to store other items like handcrafted bath salt or homemade seasoning. Try our canisters to reduce your carbon footprint. They are reusable and keep your teas nice, fresh, and flavorful. 

                  Checkout FAQ's

                  Help, my promo code isn’t working.

                  Please check the details of the promotion and be sure the item(s) is/ are in your cart at the time of checkout are qualified items- usually in email or on social media. We rarely discount bundles, sampler boxes, and tea kits. 

                  Sending a Gift FAQ's

                  I am sending tea to my friend but do not want the price to be included in the package.

                  We do not include prices on our packing slips even when you are gifting tea to yourself. We have you covered!

                  Where can I leave a note for my friend when they receive their tea?

                  When you reach the checkout point there is a ‘Note’ Section you can leave your message in that section. Write what you want. We do not judge unless you're really spilling the tea.  In that case, we may judge;)

                    Wholesale FAQ's

                    I am interested in wholesale. Do you have a wholesale program?

                    Yes, we do have a wholesale program. Please send us an email at 

                    Do you offer white labeling? 

                    Yes, we do. Please send us an email at