National Hot Tea Month 2022

National Hot Tea Month 2022

Happy National Hot Tea Month! Yes, this is a real thing and we are excited to dedicate a full month to celebrate our favorite beverage that merges cultures, offers hugs in a cup, brings generations together, and meets us where we are to slow us down and at the same time put pep in our step. 

When is National Hot Tea Month celebrated? National Hot Tea Month is celebrated every January, one of the coldest months and a perfect time to offer a reminder to sip hot tea, to warm up from the inside out, and add some extra vitamins and mineral to your body with herbs. 

National Hot Tea Day is celebrated every year on January 12th.


How to celebrate and observe National Hot Tea Day and Month? Steep and sip good (Jayida) tea. As you prepare and sip your tea, capture the moment with an aesthetically pleasing video or photo to share your tea story. Write a tea review on your favorite teas.

We sip tea to create our vibe, to meet us where we are, and connect with family/ friends. If you decide to share on social media, please tag us @jayidacheteaspot and use the hashtags #sipgoodtea, #jayidache, and/or #jayidachehotteamonth. 

How is Jayida Che observing National Hot Tea Month? This year, we at Jayida Che Herbal Tea Spot are hosting virtual and in-person tea tastings, how-to tea workshops, and afternoon tea. Some of our Tea Tastings are complementary and open to the public and some will be private tea tastings hosted by “you” throughout the month. Check out our calendar below and register for a workshop. 

If interested in hosting a virtual workshop email us at ( and we are happy to mail tea tasting kits and more to you and your guests. 

In addition to hosting workshops, we will share hot tea recipes our family and communi-tea have come to love so much, whether it's a wellness recipe or a tea dessert, there will be something for everyone to sip and enjoy. 

We exit the month of Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, and good cheer and enter the month marking the beginning of a New Solar Year.

As we reflect on the joys, achievements, gains and losses of yesteryear, we look set our sights on a year filled with great memories and intentionali-tea. Ready? We can do this! 

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