Staying well this winter, what's your plan?

Staying well this winter, what's your plan?

Winter is here and is a time when staying warm and well is on our minds. This is the time to have a plan for staying well, especially with COVID still amongst us. What is your plan for not only staying well but for enjoying this wonderous season?

I have this theory that since I was born in the spring, I appreciated the warmer months more than the cooler ones. And it is true, I have a lovely relationship with all things spring and autumn. I love the hot, southern summer days, but winter used to be my ugghhhh season, and it was because of how cold it got. Well, that has all changed. I now see winter coming and no longer brace my mind and body at the thought of how cold it will be. I welcome the winter and all of its glory.

Winter is a time to retreat and spend more time indoors enjoying time alone with ourselves, family, and friends. It can even be a time to somewhat hibernate, regroup, plan and prepare for the seasons when we are out and about more.

The past few winters have been quite different with cold, flu, and COVID being in the mix. This is the time to devise a plan on how we will keep ourselves and our loved ones well. If our goal is to stay well, we must plan to do so, for a goal without a plan is just a wish.

 Suggestions of essential things to include in your plan:

  • Sip Good Tea: Of course, tea is a part of the plan. Simply sipping hot healthy drinks can help keep mucus at bay. The type of tea you drink can also increase your body’s resistance to things that makes you not feel so good. See suggested tea blends and ingredients to sip, particularly during the winter months - below. link to website:
  • Use the steam from showers and baths to cleanse, energize, and open up your sinuses and respiratory.
  • Clean yourself after being around others: wash your nostrils, gargle, change your clothes or wipe your clothes down with a sanitizing wipe. These steps help to remove dust, germs, and pollutants. Gargling and washing your nostrils keeps germs from moving further into your body.
  • Do things that helps to boost your immune system
~ Drinking tea is one, as mentioned above: the best tea blends include ingredients that boost the immune system and helps remove toxins from the body. Here's the tea: Immuni-Tea, TLC, Teatox, Moringa Moringa, Allergy Ally
~ Drink Tonic: Jayida Che has a detox tonic that is great to take, especially during the winter months. The tonic is made of organic apple cider vinegar, lemon, honey, and garlic. It not only helps to boost the immune, but also, helps rid the body of harmful toxins, thins and dries mucus, and reduces infection in the body. One way to take this is by adding your daily shot of tonic to your salad as a dressing.
~ Eat foods that are more alkaline as opposed to acidic. This helps to nourish your body and prevent it from constantly being in defense mode - link to Detox Information (Detox Tonic and suggested foods chart)
~ Drink water, lots of it.
~ Get good rest, the body has a natural healing process that happens continuously when we are awake, and even more when we sleep.
~ Reduce stress: use this season to retreat as much as possible and allow your body to chill, relax, destress. Breathe, stretch, meditate.


Be well, and enjoy the winter

A message from Aleathia (the aunt of Jayida Che Herbal Tea)

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