Bamboo Matcha Whisk

Bamboo Matcha Whisk

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Whisk it 'real' good! Our bamboo Matcha whisk or Chasen allows you to whisk yourself into another world to enjoy a frothy cup of tea. It is sturdy, easy to clean, and a necessity to creating a good cup of matcha. Impress yourself and your 'framily' (friends and family) with your matcha whisking skills. Check out our video on preparing Matcha and or Matcha Reel

Caring for your Matcha Whisk or Chasen: 

How do you wash Matcha whisk?
To clean the bamboo whisk or Chasen, you should use warm water and your hands only after using it. Then pat your Chasen or whisk dry. 

How to store Matcha Whisk? 
Do not store it in its original plastic container. Because bamboo is a natural material and retains moisture. Your whisk can be susceptible to slight molding. No need for concern ­– just be sure your whisk is able to air dry. We store our whisk standing upright on its base in mild environment. Should mold occur, place your Chasen in boiling water.
Great with Matcha Whisk:
  • Matcha Whisk Dryer or Matcha Whisk Stand. This helps maintain the shape of your Matcha whisk or Chasen.  
  • Matcha Clay Bowl with pour spout makes it perfect for easy pouring. Great for whisking your matcha. This sleek matte black design with a brown accent at the rim on a textured surface makes this bowl scratch proof.
  • Pure Ceremonial Grade Matcha

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