Jayida Che Herbal Tea Spot Tea Blending Kit
Jayida Che Herbal Tea Spot Tea Blending Kit

Tea Blending Kit

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Ready to get in touch with your inner tea blender? There is no time like the present to do so. Our Custom Tea Blending Kit includes: 

3 bases for your tea blends*, 7 herbs, flowers, and spices*, tea-riffic measuring scoop, a tin container to store your tea blend, tea blending guide, and unbleached, single use, tea bags specially designed for loose leaf tea. 

Choose the tea blending kit to start tapping into your inner tea blender. 

*= we source our ingredients from organic, local, and fair trade supplier

Jayida (Good) for: 

  • Mental health to do a constructive artistic activity you get to sip on later
  • Releasing built up energy to mix and blend various herbs that are soothing to smell and sip
  • A fun activity for the framily to do virtually or together.