Tea & Toast Tea Tasting Event (Sunday, February 25th)

Tea & Toast Tea Tasting Event (Sunday, February 25th)

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Sip, Savor, Spark Conversation: The Tea + Toast Event,
Jayida Ché's 7th Anniversary Event

Celebrating Family and Traditions. Indulge your senses and ignite connections at our captivating Tea + Toast event! This delightful gathering welcomes both seasoned tea tasters and curious little sippers to explore a world of flavor through enticing pairings of exquisite teas, artisanal crackers, and perfectly toasted delights.

Date: Sunday, February 25th

Time: 2-4pm 

Where: Pittsburgh Yard {Nia Building} in the Jayida Ché makers space {352 University Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30310}

Tea Master's Touch:

  • Adult Ticket holders {Age: 11 & up} : Embark on a self-guided journey through diverse tea profiles, by using our tea tasting guiding cards. Discover the subtle dance of aroma, taste, and texture as you sip from an array of loose-leaf wonders, from invigorating green teas to soothing herbal blends and rich, full-bodied black teas. This ticket comes with ONE Little Sipper Ticket
  • Little Sipper Tickets {Age: 10 & under}: Whimsical tea concoctions and playfully decorated finger foods await our junior connoisseurs. Introduce them to the magic of tea with fruity infusions, creamy teas, and more. 

A Toast to Delight:

  • Crafty Crackers: Dive into a symphony of textures and flavors with our curated selection of handcrafted crackers. Savory rye, herb-infused, sweet and nutty biscotti, crackers and toast promise to complement each tea with delightful contrast.
  • Toasty Delights: Witness the transformation of humble bread into culinary masterpieces at our live toasting stations. Choose from an array of artisan breads, toppings, and spreads.

Beyond the Sip:

  • Lively Conversation: Mingle with fellow tea enthusiasts, swap tasting notes, and forge new connections over shared flavors and experiences.
  • Aromatic Oasis: Immerse yourself in a sensory haven. Fragrant tea notes mingle with the warmth of toasted bread, creating a soothing and inviting atmosphere.

Experience the magic of Tea + Toast:

  • Adult Tickets: Immerse yourself in the full tea tasting experience and savor expertly curated pairings.
  • Little Sipper Tickets: Spark your child's love for tea with playful concoctions and interactive activities.

Join us for an afternoon of refined indulgence, heartwarming connections, and a love letter to the art of tea and toast!

Don't miss out – tickets are limited!

We look forward to sipping with you!

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